How To Drain Bestway Rectangular Pool Without Ruining It

Think there’s too much water? Learn how to empty your Bestway rectangular pool.

One of the fears that emptying the pool can raise is seeing how much water is in it. Some of them reach up to 20,000 liters of water, so you have to make the emptying process seriously.

How To Drain Bestway Rectangular Pool

Although there are also much smaller ones, especially those that we usually put on the terrace of our house to take a dip or cool off. Those usually have about 2,500 liters which, although it is much less, is also a sufficient volume to take seriously the actions to be taken.

In spite of it, the process itself does not have too many complications. Especially with the Bestway rectangular pools that have an emptying plug that can be attached to the hose, so that we can send all those liters of water to the drain without any difficulty.


How To Drain Bestway Rectangular Pool

Now, how do we drain a Bestway rectangular pool? Is there anything we can do to make the emptying of our pool much better? Yes, there is.

The operation can prove to be a very burdensome and tiring task to perform independently, so it is useful to carefully read the methods of execution listed in this article, so as to proceed faster and in a more practical and functional way, using the best technique.


Depending on its size, emptying the rectangular pool water can take anywhere from an hour to half a day, so it’s important to take all the time you need to get the task done right.


Step 1: Find the drain

The first step is to find the right land to dispose of a large amount of water if it is soft so that it is properly drained without causing flooding.


If you don’t have a lawn, it’s a good idea to place it near a manhole, so as to facilitate drainage and to be able to proceed quickly. Even a simple grid to collect rainwater is sufficient, as long as the ground is at the right slope.


In the presence of chlorine, however, you should never empty the tank near the trees, to avoid threatening their survival.


Step 2: Choose the best methodology

The easiest way to empty the tank is to use an electric pump, able to suck the liquid, or alternatively a common garden hose.


The first one is specially created for this task and completes it much faster. The cost of the device is rather high as well as the consumption of electricity, but the yield is certainly better.


However, the second option is also valid but much slower and does not allow the total removal of water, which will remain on the bottom for a few inches.


Step 3: Empty the pool

Now begin draining the water out of the pool, using the method you previously chose. Attach the hose to the water faucet and place the other end into the pool. Open the water to eliminate the air inside and immediately close it again, placing the device near the identified manhole and gutter.


The liquid should start to flow outwards according to the principle of communicating vessels, allowing you to almost empty it in a more or less short time. For the pump, use the instruction manual and suck in as indicated.


Step 4: Remove any water still on the bottom

If you used the garden hose, there will still be a layer of liquid still on the bottom. Remove it by hand, although this can be quite time-consuming and laborious.


Step 5: Dry the bottom and store the pool

It is very important to properly dry the bottom of the pool to prevent moisture from promoting the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, which can harm the health of those who usually use it. Once finished, find suitable accommodation for the device that will preserve it from the weather.


How To Empty A Rectangular Pool Without Pump or Purifier

The first thing you should know is that once emptied you must disassemble it completely or refill it with water so that its structure is not deformed or deteriorated. At the end of the reading, you will know how to empty a Bestway pool or another brand.


Steps to empty your removable pool without a pump


Step 1: Take a regular irrigation hose or the one used by your pool cleaner if you have one.

Take a normal irrigation hose or the one used by your pool cleaner if you have one.


Step 2: Insert it into the bottom of the pool so it fills up with water.

Insert it to the bottom of the pool so that it fills with water, so it won’t float. To prevent the hose from rising, you can tie a heavy object to keep it at the bottom.


Step 3: Occlude the other end of the hose with your thumb without letting air in and take it to where you want the water to come out and remove your finger. Note that the hose should be at a lower level with respect to the pool.


This is a very easy way to answer your question of how to empty a removable pool without a pump.


This method works very well although it is not completely empty, surely you will have to remove the remains of water or let it evaporate and then finish cleaning it thoroughly before proceeding to its dismantling.


How To Empty It With A Purifier

Another simple way to empty a removable pool is with a sand filter.

To do this, place it in the draining position and then introduce the hose of the pool cleaner into the pool and it will absorb the water and expel it out of the pool.


How to drain a demountable pool: Concluding

There you have it! Emptying your pool water is extremely simple, even if you don’t have a pool cleaner.

All you need is a simple hose that you have at home and apply the principle of communicating vessels, relying on the force of gravity.

Remember what we mentioned at the beginning, once emptied, do not leave it installed. Disassemble and store it to protect it from possible damage.

Now you know how to empty the pool without a pump.


Final Thoughts

Every effort is worth it…

Maybe all this seems like a lot of work, but remember that a removable pool is an important investment and can offer you moments of joy for many summers if you take the necessary care. This will make your investment much more valuable and long-lasting.

We hope these tips will help you to maintain the useful life of your Bestway rectangular pool.

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