How To Drain Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool

If you are looking for a pool with good qualities, accessories, and a reasonable price, the Bestway Steel Pro Max pool is one of the right models for you.


The Steel Pro Max is a round tubular rattan style detachable pool model, with an easy assemble steel frame so you can have it ready in about 20 minutes without the need for tools. When not in use, it can be easily disassembled to free up space.

How To Drain Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool

Its liner is made with Tritech technology, which consists of 3 reinforced layers of polyester with PVC sheets that offer greater resistance and durability against water pressure, sun rays, and chemical products.


The pool measures 366 cm in diameter by 100 cm in height and the necessary surface to assemble it is 366 cm long by 366 cm wide.


The pool includes a 2,006 l/h cartridge purifier and a ladder for safe access. In addition, it has a valve that facilitates the emptying of the pool and to which a hose can be connected.


The Bestway Steel Pro Max pool model is one of the best performing pools at a moderate price.


How To Drain Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool

Making use of a water pump

Step 1

To begin, unfurl the pump’s hose so that you can submerge the intake hose in water. Make sure the hose is positioned close to the center of your Bestway steel frame pool. It is necessary to approach it at the middle location for exact emptying.


Step 2

Keep in mind that you don’t want to flood the pool adjacent when choosing a location. As a result, choose a level, clean, dry, and nearby location for water disposal.


Step 3

It’s now time to connect the pump’s wire to the power source. Remember to dry your hands as a matter of personal safety.


Step 4

In this step, a typical oversight in proper observation might derail your entire work. Never leave the pool equipment until the pool’s water level starts to drop. Take some time to consider how to properly dispose of pool water.


Step 5

Allow the pump to do its job now. All you have to do is inspect the system on a regular basis to see if any malfunctions occur. The draining, on the other hand, will take a few hours to finish. The ideal water level for turning off the pump is usually 6-12 inches.


Step 6

Last but not least, empty the pool of any remaining water. To suck up the remaining water, you can use a vacuum. You can also kick the remaining water down the drain line.


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Using a hose siphon

Step 1

To get rid of the water, you’ll need a bunch of hoses. Submerge more than one hose correctly for a faster response. Make sure your Bestway steel frame pool’s hoses reach the bottom.


Step 2

Ensure that all of the attached hose’s ends are in an appropriate location. A handy location is required for pool water extraction. In addition, make certain that the area is not soft, but rather flat and dry.


Step 3

The water level will clearly drop once the pool is started to be emptied. It will take longer than using an electric pump. Visit the area from time to time to check what’s new with the draining. The garden hose siphon can no longer function when the water level falls below 6-12 inches.


Step 4

The leftover water must be eliminated in the final stage. You can remove the water using the same electric water pump method. A vacuum cleaner is recommended for better outcomes.

What are the advantages of the Bestway Steel Pro Max pool?

Earlier we mentioned that this pool model is one of the most valued in the market and it is not for less:

Easy to assemble: The pool is assembled and disassembled without tools in approximately 20 minutes.

Resistance: Its tubular structure is very resistant and its round shape makes it a very stable pool. With a very durable three-layer liner.

Accessories: Includes a 2,006 l/h cartridge purifier for basic pool maintenance and a 3-step ladder on both sides.

Connections: Includes connections to adapt the purifier and a drain valve that allows you to connect a garden hose.

Safety: Designed for children over 6 years old always under adult supervision.

It is necessary to leave a space around the pool to protect it and to be used as a passage area. It is not advisable to place them next to walls or bury them.

Important: For any installation on roofs or slabs (terraces, balconies, rooftops, attics, patios…) consult with a technician about the maximum load supported by the construction.

Installation area: It is suitable for installation in a garden or patio as long as it supports the load of use indicated on the product box.

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How To Assemble Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool in 10 steps

Before setting up your Steel Pro Max pool it is important to make sure that the ground is level. Here are 10 steps to assemble your Bestway Pro Max pool.


  • Clean the area of objects and dirt to protect the base of the pool as much as possible.
  • Unfold and extend the pool.
  • Insert the top rails into the folds of the pool and connect them together using the connecting tubes.
  • Pass the safety stops through the holes in the rails and connectors of the rails and connectors so that they are fixed.
  • Pass the legs through the folds of the pool and snap them into the connectors on the top rails.
  • From inside the pool, insert the water filter valve and mount the filter valve housing.
  • Ensure that the drain valve is tightly closed.
  • Insert the valve plugs on the inside of the pool to prevent water leakage.
  • Start filling the pool and in the meantime finish stretching the liner inside the pool so that there are no wrinkles.
  • Finish filling the pool.



Final Thoughts

The Steel Pro Max model is ideal for small spaces thanks to its round shape. It is made of quality materials and includes basic maintenance and safety accessories.

The unit takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble/disassemble without the need for tools. It is a durable pool that will offer many hours of fun with family or friends.

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