How To Empty Bestway 8ft Pool Without Ruining It

Swimming pools are one of the most enjoyable ways of spending your summer vacation, family picnic, and even outdoor parties with friends. Instead of having an empty space in your backyard, it’s much better to install something befitting and relaxing.

For instance, you could install an 8ft Bestway pool in your backyard. But then, how do you get it cleaned and emptied? These are some of the questions that we shall be discussing about in this article?

How To Empty Bestway 8ft Pool

Learning how well to empty your 8ft Bestway pool, is essential because it might cost you a lot of money to get a pool expert who will help drain your pool.

So, if you are on a budget, then you can certainly get some commercial products to do the draining trick. The most exciting part of this is that, there are several exciting ways of draining your 8ft Bestway pool.

It can be from as simple as, using a bucket and strainers, and can be as complex as using an automated cleaner.

What Are The Steps To Take To Empty Your 8ft Bestway Pool?

There are certain steps that you must follow to empty your 8ft Bestway pool. Any deviation from any of these steps can cause problems.

Method 1: Drain With A Drain Hose

Step 1: So, turn off your pool pump. If you have more than one pool pump then you should turn them off. This will automatically stop the flow of water into your pool.

Thus, giving you the perfect opportunity to empty the pool properly. But if you don’t turn off the pool pump, then you are at risk of flooding your pool and your backyard.

Step 2: Then, connect the drain hose that came with the Bestway pool kit. Connect it to your swimming pool. Now this will enable the pool water to flow out of the swimming pool.

And into an empty container that has been placed outside at the backyard. However, if you wish to let out the water in your backyard, then you may do that.

So once the drain hose has been connected to the pool, then it’s time to empty the pool water by turning on one of the pool pumps.

This pool pump will help to send the pool water via pressure, into an external container or, to the floor or any drainage system outside of the pool. 

Step 3: Once your pool has been emptied, then it’s high time you clean your pool. Because of the reasons why you emptied your 8ft Bestway pool was because it needed a scrub, or a repair.

Now this will enable you to get rid of all the dirt and debris that has been accumulated and may have formed build-ups at the bottom of the pool.

If there are algae stains at the bottom of your 8ft Bestway pool then its best you get some pool chemical to remove these stubborn stains from your pool. 

Step 4: After cleaning your pool, ensure to rinse off the dirt and debris thoroughly. You can do that through the use of a garden hose. Then, re-fill your swimming pool in water.

So, when it’s re-filled, you can again use it for swimming that is after you must have checked the filters if they are working correctly. Then you can shock the pool with pool shock, and then chlorine if need be.

This is to get rid of contaminants from your pool. Don’t forget to test the pool’s pH level to see if they need any form of adjustment or the other. Test pool for chlorine and algae too and check if there is need for any kind of adjustment.


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Method 2: Draining With A Garden Hose

You can also drain your pool via a garden hose. You don’t have to go through the first method if it’s too stressful for you.

Turn off the pool pump, and then get a long hose probably 22-inch, then put one end of the hose into the pool, and drop the other end on the ground.

Now wait for the water to flow-into the pipe. This is called the suction method.

However, the water might not flow into the pipe if no pressure is created. So, pick the other end of the pipe on the ground, and try to suck-in. when water rushes through the pipe, then quickly drop it on the ground. I

f you cannot suction, then fix the pipe to the water pump and turn it on for a while. Then quickly turn it off, remove the pipe, and place it again on the ground.

Here, you will see that the water from the pool begins to flow out because a pressure has been created.


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What Are Some Of The Best Things To Note About An 8ft Bestway Pool?

There are some amazing Bestway features that makes your 8ft Bestway pool great for swimming.

  • They are known to be quite easy to clean. It has a drain system that has been designed with the pool to drain out unwanted pool water as soon as you can. As a result of this feature, it makes it easy to clean it under 30 minutes. 
  • It’s got an inflatable floor. This means you will be able to clean the water very quickly, and you can get rid of the dirt and debris quickly. Making it easy to clean around the pool’s surface with any vacuum cleaner you wish. 
  • In terms of depth and height, your pool has been designed to suit any specific height and depth that you wish. With this 8ft Bestway pool, it can accommodate your swimming buddies without having to leave the pool for someone else to get in. 

The best way to prevent this is by draining the water out of your pool and then cleaning it. It’s also a good idea to drain the water because if you don’t do this, algae can develop in your swimming pool which is unsightly and unhealthy for swimmers.

Moreover, it can also cause problems with your pool’s plumbing and other parts of the system. If you don’t drain your pool regularly, then water can accumulate in the bottom of the pool, and this will eventually cause damage to these parts.

It is also very easy to maintain, and easy to install. With the manufacturer’s manual, you can easily set up your own 8ft Bestway pool.


Final Thoughts

Emptying a Bestway 8ft pool, isn’t as tedious as you think. Kindly follow any of the methods above and you will get a perfect result. 

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