How To Empty Bestway Fast Set Pool

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own pool right behind your cozy home, then this is the right option for you. With Bestway Fast Set pool, you do not need to spend your summer at the beach or at a friend’s pool house anymore.

How To Empty Bestway Fast Set Pool

You can basically spice up the summer period with this pool. But now you have this pool, how do you drain the dirty water from the pool to enable you to do some major repairs, or replace the liner. That’s what we shall be equipping you with within this article.

You don’t need to call the attention of a pool expert to help empty your Bestway Fast set pool. It is easier to empty. Because it is an exercise that you can get done all by yourself.

So, with this article, we will guide you along the very best paths and show you how best to empty this kind of pool without any fuss.


How Do You Empty Your Bestway Fast Set Pool?

The Bestway Fast set pools are not like the traditional pools that you see around. This is because, these pools have been designed to be set up, and taken down as soon as seasons change. So as soon as it is the winter season, then you might require this section of this article. You can drain your Bestway pool using two major ways.


Use Of A Garden Hose Through Siphon.

Here, what you have to do is to get a long garden hose. Make sure it is long enough to drain out water to the appropriate place.

Now that you have your garden hose in your hand, what you need to do is, throw one end of the garden hose into the pool water, and throw the other end to the ground where the water is to be discharged.

Wait briefly to see if the water will naturally flow into the pipe, and then expelled out through the other end of the garden hose on the ground.

When this is not achieved, pick the other end of the garden hose on the floor and siphon it by using your mouth to ‘suck’ the pipe as though you are trying to draw out water from the pool through the pipe.

When this is done well, the water flows out through the other end. However, this method may be strenuous for you because it can be a rigorous process of siphoning.

To skip this step, you can quickly plug the other end of the pipe to the water tap and turn on the tap briefly. Close the tap again and let down the hose. You will begin to notice water pouring out of the pool as quickly as it came.


Use An Electric Water Pump

You can make use of an electric water pump in this next method. Since you don’t have a garden hose for a siphon, or you don’t have the strength for a siphon, you can submerge the electric water pump completely into the water and find a way through an outlet to drain out pool water.

The electric pump can be waterproof since it has to be submerged completely into the water. In fact, this can work well for your garden hose siphon method.

You do not need to siphon water through the pipe. All you need to do is, turn on the electric water pump, and find a way to attach the garden hose in a way that the pool water gets drained from the pool.

But there is a downside to this method. Truth is that your electric pool pump may not be able to pump out all the water from the pool.

So, when you notice that there is still some water in the pool, turn off the pump, and get to work by using the garden hose method, or preferably, since there is only little quantity of water left in your Bestway pool, you can take out the pool liner and tip the pool so that the water gets entirely emptied.


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How Do You Take Care Of Your Bestway Fast Set Pool?

Since you now know how to empty your pool, there are certain pool chemicals you are supposed to use in caring for your Bestway Fast Set pool.

This is because the poll is quite sensitive to harsh chemicals. So, some of the most important pool chemicals that will be used in cleaning the Bestway pool and caring for it are;


Pool Shock

This chemical is inevitable for any Bestway Fast Set pool. This is because pool shocks are usually the most important pool chemical used in any pool.

This is always the first thing that goes into the water. Once the pool is properly shocked, it prevents algae and all forms of bacteria.

So carefully know the right quantity of pool shock to use in this pool type because it can be dangerous to the pool surface.


pH Decreaser/Increaser

The secret to having a clean pool sometimes is that there was a balance in the pool’s pH. When the pool’s pH is unbalanced, your pool can turn into a breeding spot for algae, bacteria, and all forms of pathogenic organisms.

And then your once crystal clean blue pool turns green and then you begin to have heavy calcium buildup on some of the pool liners and pool equipment. So always check the pool’s pH level to be balanced.



An algaecide is a must-have for you since you are probably just starting to use your Bestway Fast Set pool.

And since algaecide kills and hinders algae growth, then it means that this chemical isn’t entirely harsh. So always ensure that your pool chemicals are stored in perfect condition. Ensuring that they are kept out of children’s reach and stored in a dry place.


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Final Thoughts

Your Bestway Fast Set pool is easy to empty when you follow the necessary precautions. Choose carefully the method that best suits you so that you don’t end up emptying your pool halfway. So, get to work and get it completed!

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