How To Heat A Swimming Pool With Black Trash Bags

Swimming pools owners find it quite tasking to maintain a suitable temperature for their pools. This is due to weather conditions differing from their actual requirement for a comfortable swimming period.

An excessively cold swimming pool will often make you shiver, and the pools need to be regulated.

How To Heat A Swimming Pool With Black Trash Bags

It isn’t easy to get an initially engineered heating system on average lifestyle financial abilities because of the cost.

Some swimming pool owners can afford these heating facilities, but they look forward to optimizing their expenditure and maximizing their spending reach.

Black trash bags are one of the DIY heating systems circulating on the internet today. Many people are eager to try it out because of the cost of production and the heating quantities.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to heat your swimming pool with a black trash bag.


How Do Black Trash Bags Work In Heating A Swimming Pool

The black color of the trash bags makes them absorb heat very well.

The model will be informed of a black trash bag spread through the surface of the swimming pool so that when a solar ray hits the surface, the black trash bags will amplify the heat level generated from the sun and make the water heat content high.

This is a substitute for an expensive solar system for heating, and it’s pretty effective in heat retention. Areas that rarely receive full sunlight all day, so they put up this to maximize the impact on the days they do.


Is The Process Worth It

Solar blankets, pills, and heat systems require more expenses to put in place. The solar blankets work with direct solar rays, so the black trash bags and the differences in heat generation are narrow.

You are free from the expenses of the power used in the heating system, and it’s much easier to collate the materials needed.

It doesn’t take much maintenance and can last for an extended period. This is an advantage over most swimming pool accessories.


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Materials Needed For The Process

Some people just cut the black trash bags into pieces and spread them over, but it is much more effective if you attempt to make it more professional. It will prevent it from getting soaked into the water or being displaced with wind change.

1. Black trash bags:

black trash bag

The number depends on the width of your swimming pool and the temperature you want to achieve. For some home users, they double the layers of black trash bags used per surface.

2. Hula Hoop:

hula hoop

For good looks and moderation, hula hoops are good options. It will form the frame of the mechanism. It can also support adequate buoyancy required and the weight of black trash bags required.

3. Duct-tape:

duct tape

The black trash bag will be needed to be held well to the hula hoop. You can only do this with the use of water-resistant tape. Duct tape is effective for this function.

4. Pool Noodle:

pool noodle

The level of buoyancy and support for the mechanism is needed to be optimized. Pool noodles act as a swimming tube and ensure the whole thing wouldn’t be absorbed in the pool.

5. A pair of scissors:


This is self-explanatory. You can also make sure of a knife. It will be needed in cutting through the black trash bags, pool noodles, and duct tape into pieces required.


Stages Involved In The Process

We have the first and second approaches. Here is the first approach:

  • Cut the black trash bags into vast portions by cutting through the sides.
  • Wrap the cut black trash bag around the hula hoop.
  • Gather the excess part of the trash bag around the hula hoop edges.
  • Use the duct tape to tape the parts folded and make a smooth transition.
  • Cut each of the pool noodles into four parts.
  • Take the portions and slice them through on one side.
  • Through the sliced parts, fit the pool noodles around the hula hoop.
  • Tape the pool noodles to the formed material to make it get attached.

You can then throw the mechanism onto your pool and make as many as possible.


Here Is The Second Approach:

  • Get a rectangular frame or attach plastic pipes with glue or duct tapes.
  • Put the frame directly into the black trash bags.
  • Be cautious enough to measure the frame before making it so it will fit into the bag well.
  • Wrap the remaining overflowing parts of the black trash bag around the frame.
  • Use duct tape to make them fit closely to the frame.
  • There are chances the pool noodles wouldn’t fit enough for the wideness of the frame, but they should.
  • Make a slit in the pool noodles and put it around the frame through the slit.


Your solar panel is ready to be used. This is almost the same thing as the first approach, but this gives a more comprehensive black trash bag panel.


What Should You Expect?

It will generate a temperature high enough for warmness. You can also control the temperature by adding more of the mechanism or removing it. However, maintenance isn’t that much but try not to let anything puncture.


Substitution For Heating Swimming Pool Aside From Black Trash Bags

Solar rings are among the commonly used materials but have been noticed to enhance algae growth.

Heat pump systems, solar pills, and solar blankets are also used.

The heat pump uses electrically powered sections and requires energy fees aside from the purchase fee. There are also anti-evaporation systems incorporated in place too.

Nonetheless, the most effective stands are heat pump pool heaters.


Final Thoughts

Black trash bags are easy to get in any local store, and it supports pollution control with their biodegradable form. It’s safe to use and will last a long lifespan unless punctured.

It has limitations of not being effective if the wind blows it around. Splashes of water might form on it as it gets blown, and this will drown it in minutes if it continues.

Nevertheless, the black trash bag’s mechanism of heating the swimming pool is efficient.

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