How To Keep An Above Ground Pool Clean Without Chemicals

An above-ground pool will always be the center of attraction during the summer season. The coolest and most fun part of the summer season is when you get to jump into the water and simply relax.

Now it does matter a lot if the swimming pool is located right behind your house. It is also at this time that it occurs to you to have pool parties, or have some friends and family over thereby, burdening your above-ground pool with a lot of responsibilities.

How To Keep An Above Ground Pool Clean Without Chemicals

Normally owning an aboveground pool comes with its own responsibilities. That is why we will be telling you how you can maintain and keep your above-ground pool clean without chemicals.

All pools including your aboveground pool, require a lot of maintenance. Sometimes, if you want to do without pool chemicals which is not possible, then you will need to give it a proper regular cleaning. So that you won’t have to deep clean using pool chemicals. So, let’s give you plenty of tips that you need to get a clean aboveground pool!


What do you need to clean your aboveground pool?

Since you own the pool, then there is certain pool equipment that you are expected to have. No matter how expensive the tool may be, you can still own them.

Sometimes, there are affordable versions of those extremely expensive pool equipment. So, some of the equipment or tools that you will need to clean your aboveground pool are; a handheld brush, telescopic pole, pool vacuum, garden hose, net skimmer, leaf rake, brush head.


How do you clean your aboveground pool?

Skim the pool

Grab your net skimmer and begin to skim your aboveground pool. The good thing about this is that the skimmer net gets to pick even the tiniest dirt in your pool.

So, grab your skimmer net head, and attach it to a telescopic pole. The pole will make it easier for you to stay in control while using it in the water.

Debris like unwanted stone, sand, human particles like hair, and other small dirt strands would find their way into the skimmer. As you skim through the water, even though the net is a large one, you can dust out the dirt occasionally outside the pool. To avoid letting the trapped dirt flow into the water again.

Use the leaf rake

At least if you don’t have the skimmer net in your pool store, then you should have the leaf rake. It is an important instrument for your aboveground pool.

Especially if your above-ground pool is situated outside the house, then it means that it will be constantly at the mercy of the wind because the wind could blow some leaf particles into the water.

Even flowers planted beside the pool have the tendency of having some of their leaves in the pool. So, this is the time to use the leaf rake to sweep and clean your above-ground pool. It’s not a strenuous job to do. It is quite easy. If you have been cleaning your pool regularly before now, you will observe that there won’t be much leaf debris in your pool. 

Use your pool vacuum

Your pool vacuum can be either manual or automatic. Whichever one you decide to settle for will always serve you better.

The manual pool vacuum comes designed in a handheld form whereby you will have to keep controlling the pool vacuum in every area and segment of the pool. But the cons of the manual pool vacuum is that you might not be able to clean every part of your pool well enough.

But if you have the automatic pool vacuum, you can simply turn it on, and place it in the water. The automatic pool vacuum would tour around the pool by itself carefully sapping the dirt into the basket. It doesn’t take all day.

Run the filter pump

Sometimes, your filter pump needs to be turned on. What your filter pump does is that it helps to circulate the water in your pool so that the water cycles through the filter and by doing this, the water is filtered and completely made clean from dirt and debris.

You may decide to run the filter pump at night or towards the evening period so that it can run for at least 8 hours nonstop. But it mostly should be done in the daytime for more clarity and result.

Meanwhile, there are certain filter pumps that come with a timer and this timer is set in such a way that it can automatically get turned off by itself after the right amount of time has been used.

Backwash your pool

Backwashing your swimming pool seems to be one of the most interesting things to do especially when you want to clean your above-ground pool without chemicals.

The process is simple and quite easy to navigate. All you have to do is to set the filter to backwash mode. It only takes 5 minutes and you’re done! What this means is that, when you backwash your pool filter, the dirt that was once trapped in your filter system, will be flushed out through the reverse water flow.

When backwashing isn’t done, you will observe that your pool will turn dirty, and soon, it will be unsafe for anyone to swim in.

Clean pool pump/skimmer basket

How often do you clean your skimmer or pool pump basket? It could be clogged with dirt such that the dirt would keep flowing back to the water. So, empty the basket and have it thoroughly rinsed. Finally, replace it.


How Do You Backwash Your Above-ground Pool If It Uses A Cartridge Filter?

Although not all above-ground pools use cartridge filters. So, for this, all you have to do is get your cartridge cleaner cleaned. It could be dirty and the dirt from the cartridge cleaner will begin to cause dirt in the pool itself.

Remove your cartridges that are after the pool pump has been turned off. Then properly clean the cartridges before replacing them.


Final Thoughts

Maintaining an aboveground pool isn’t as burdensome as you feel. Try out some of the steps included above and get the necessary result.

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