How To Keep Duck Pool Clean

Ducks can’t be restricted in a place. What really happens is that ducks can’t do without waddling in a pool of water, and they can’t also do without walking on the ground, around the farm.

So, their waddling in and out of the water makes the pool easily dirty. Such that keeping the suck pool clean becomes a heinous job. In this article, we will be telling you how you can keep your duck pool clean.

When you have a duck pool, your ducks will be able to bathe in the water to rid themselves of all kinds of debris including pollutants that must have been stuck to their bodies. Also, they tend to release their poo while in the water. Hence, the reason why the water is dirty.

How To Keep Duck Pool Clean

How Can You Keep Your Duck Pool Clean?

So, whether you are using a real duck pool, a large bowl, or a small pool as your duck pool, here’s how you can keep the pool clean;

Drain & Wash pool

One of the easiest and safest ways to clean your pool is by draining and washing the pool regularly. In this way, the ducks will be able to have clean and fresh water.

To do this, wear some rubber gloves and if the duck pool has a drain, then unplug the drain whenever you want to empty the duck pool. If you like, you can get a garden hose specifically to carry out this purpose.

You can connect the pipe to the duck pool and let the other end of the pool lead to your drainage system. Then get a stiff-bristled scrubbing brush that would help to give the duck pool a powerful scrubbing.

Remember that the pool would need a good scrub because the pool has been dirty all this time, so there is a possibility that there would be dirt stains in the bowl.

Change Water Regularly

Technically, ducks do not possess the ability to change their pool water because they’ve got no arms! Okay, the thing is, you’ve got to change the water in the duck’s pool as often as you can.

It won’t be too bad changing the water regularly. But if it is too stressful for you, then you may just get it done thrice every week.

Scrub With Mild Soap

Don’t forget to scrub the empty duck pool with some nice mild detergent. Just make a water solution with the soap, then dip the brush in the soapy mixture, then use it to scrub the duck pool.

And after that, you can give the pool a thorough rinse until you can no longer perceive or feel the soapiness in the duck pool.

Install a Good Filtration System

Since you want to start cleaning your duck’s pool every day, then you will need a suitable filtration system that will help to carry out your needs.

The filtration system will be connected to the duck pool which will, in turn, be connected to biofilters through the pipe. The work of biofilters is that it helps to catch the pollutants and degrade them and then return them to the pool.

This filtration system continues to work perfectly just like the filter in a fish aquarium. It will help to recirculate the duck water and then adjust the water that will be returned to the pool

Add Surface Active Agents

If there is anything that you would like to do, to make the cleanup process of your pool much easier is by adding some surface active agents to the pool water.

You can do that by sprinkling them on the surface of the water. This will help to reduce the surface water tension, which will in turn push pollutants including duck poo to the edge of the pool thereby, making it much easier to clean.

Meanwhile, make sure that your ducks are out of the pool before you add the surface-active agents. Also, after adding the surface-active agents, make sure that you drain the treated water and try to refill the duck pool before the ducks come waddling in.


Can You Add Chlorine To Your Duck Pool?

Chlorine in a pool for humans usually helps to make the water safe for swimming. Chlorine also helps to kill bacteria and pathogenic organisms that may be found in the water.

Likewise, your duck’s pool. Chlorine can be added to your duck’s pool especially when you notice that the duck is sick, to ensure that the disease is not transmitted to the other ducks through the water.

So, the best thing is to add some chlorine. Chlorine isn’t considered harmful when added to the duck’s pool but too much chlorine especially when they are around 25 ppm (which is considered too high,) tends to affect your duck’s digestive tract especially when they drink large amounts of chlorine water.


Can Plants Be Added To Your Duck’s Pool To keep It Clean?

Not every plant can be added to your duck’s pool to keep it clean. Some plants are debris in disguise. So, it is better to go for natural plants that are incredibly beautiful, and can still help keep the duck’s pool water away from the intrusion of algae. When lilies are added to the pool water, they tend to block the sun and prevent algae from growing in the pool.


Final Thoughts

Ducks are naturally drawn to water. Whether artificial or natural, ducks prefer an environment that can supply them with water. So whatever duck pool you have, always strive to keep them clean.

For instance, if you have a natural duck pond instead of an artificial duck pool, you can always keep it clean by adding some natural plants too like Flora. Make sure that you do not use too many chemicals in your duck pool so that you don’t end up killing the ducks.

Overall, keeping your duck pool clean isn’t as difficult as you think. You only require a few cleaning agents such as; a stiff-bristled brush, and mild liquid soap.

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