Intex Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Not Working?

If your Intex Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum is Not Working, this usually means it has developed a fault which could be minor or permanent.

Are you tired of your enormous, large, and heavy vacuum? Is it hard to clean small and hidden areas with your regular vacuum?

Are you annoyed that you cannot take the vacuum to the place where the electricity connection is absent? Or do you fear using the vacuum in water due to its wiring?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then all you need is a handheld vacuum.

Intex Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Not Working

Handheld vacuums are of great importance. They can save your day by reaching the places out of reach from large vacuums.

Handheld vacuums can remove bread or biscuit crumbs between cushions, remove dirt from under the car sheets or from hidden areas of cabinets and stairs.

The handheld vacuums are smaller in size and therefore are handy. They are portable due to their rechargeable nature. Hence, they have batteries and do not require electricity while using.

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Intex Pool Vacuum

Intex is a leading brand known for its quality products. The company specializes in sporting and recreational goods. The brand aims to supply products that make sports easy and make recreation more fun.

For this purpose, the brand has also introduced rechargeable handheld vacuums.

This product is introduced for cleaning swimming pools and spas. Spa and swimming pools are undoubtedly one of the best sources of fun and sports. However, their cleaning and maintenance is a tiring and exhausting task.


Reasons Why Intex Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Is Not Working

But no need to worry anymore as poolversity is here to help you. This vacuum has a high suction capacity and ensures proper cleaning.

As it is rechargeable, it has no wiring that will be dangerous in the water. Hence, it is suitable to use inside water.

Its cleaning ability is also greater than other competitors. Because it removes dirt and crumbs quickly. The handheld vacuums clean up finer dust particles to larger food particles equally.

The Intex handheld vacuum also comes with two interchangeable metallic brushes. These brushes are responsible for thought cleaning.

An important feature to count before buying a vacuum is also comfort. And Intex vacuums are second to none in terms of ease.


1. Vacuum Not Charging

The vacuum requires 8-10 hours for charging. However, customers complain that even though the product is fantastic initially but with time it starts to show some problems.

And the biggest issue is in charge. The battery does not get charged properly and takes hours for charging. Due to problems in charging, the overall efficiency and working of the vacuum are also affected.

The vacuum does not clean up small and finer dust particles, and its speed slows down.


2. Low Suction

Some customers face some other problems as well which are quite common in all handheld vacuums. One of these problems is low suction ability.

If your handheld vacuum has lost its suction power, its effectiveness is lost. Decreased suction means that a single spot requires a long time for cleaning.

And even after a prolonged time, the effectiveness is not up to the mark. The causes of low suction force include blocking in the filter.

As the job of vacuums is to remove dust and dirt, the larger particles or fur of pets can cause a blockage in the filter.

Another reason for low suction is to overlook the vacuum bag and not pay attention to its cleaning. Brush clogged with pet fur and hairs also affects the suctioning power of the vacuum.


3. Noise Production

A normal range of noise is produced by all vacuums. The level of this noise is bearable and is easy to handle.

However, your vacuum may produce loud noises at times that are inconvenient for the handles.

The causes of this excessive noise can be a blockage, problematic motor, or air leaks in the piping.


4. Overheating

Overheating of vacuum is also a sign of improper working. It is common for a vacuum cleaner to overheat after long periods of use. But if the vacuum gets highly hot and releases smoke. It is due to a fault in the electrical system.


5. Burning Smell

Another problem of vacuums about which the users complain is the burning smell. The cause of this burning smell is a fault in the motor. Or it may be due to the burning of the rubber belt due to friction and excessive use.


6. Vacuum Fails to Turn On

The biggest issue is that the vacuum fails to turn on. It is the most frustrating and annoying thing you have to deal with while using a vacuum cleaner. However, this problem is closely related to the charging problem.


Solutions To Fix Your Vacuum

Using handheld vacuums may seem an easy task, but it does offer its share of the problem. Even the portable and seemingly easy to handle, rechargeable vacuums can lead to many annoying issues.

But the good news is that all of the above-mentioned problems are easy to solve. A little patience and some care of the product can make it possible for your product to last long.


  • Starting with the solution to the most irritating issue, which is when the vacuum refuses to turn on. Just check your battery and make sure that it is charged. Give it time to charge and then use. If the problem is still not solved, contact any professional and change the battery. The same solution is to opt for when the vacuum is not charging.


  • To overcome the suction issue, make sure to clean the filters. It will help you to remove any stuff that is causing the blockage. Cleaning vacuum bags and brushes are also helpful in maintaining the suction force of the vacuum.


  • The second most annoying problem of vacuums is excessive noise production. It is mainly due to three reasons. All of which can be resolved. If the noise is produced due to blockage, removing the material and clearing up the area will help. If the noise production is due to the loosening of the belt with the motor, reattaching the belt can fix it. Air leaks also cause increased noise. Finding and replacing the spot can resolve the issue.


  • To solve the burning smell problem, you need to replace the motor belt.


  • For overheating issues, seek a professional to replace the old motor with a new one.


  • These solutions will solve the problems in most cases. If these solution does not help, ask the technician to repair your vacuum.

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