Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner Review 2022

It is best to read the Paxcess pool cleaner review before you buy it. You will get to know all the insights, pros, and cons of it. The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner works on its own to clean the swimming pools.

Also, it can perform in in-ground and above-ground pools. There is a large filter to trap all the dust, dirt, leaves, pollen, and other waste materials.

You can carry it with comfort because of its easy-to-carry handle. Another advantage of this robot is that it has a powerful suction. So, you can read all about its benefits in our review.


Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Why Should I Use A Robot Pool Cleaner?

Cleaning a swimming pool requires quite a lot of work. There are three types of tools that you can use. However, the robot pool cleaners provide the most convenient method for pool cleansing.

The reason for this is that it cleans the pool itself. Most of these robotic pool cleaners automatically move around the pool. There is no need to assist or control the robot when it is performing. It clings onto the walls and cleans all the algae, mold, dust, and other waste. You have to drop it inside the pool and leave the rest to it.

Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

The Paxcess pool cleaner review discusses all of the features in detail for you. So, you can find out why it is one of the best pool cleaners. It is compact and comes with a handle for easy carrying.

This robotic pool cleaner works automatically and uses a large-size filter. Also, it can clean above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. You can buy it at a budget-friendly price. There are no premium features because it will make the robot expensive. Let us discuss more of its features.


Design and Size

The design of this robotic pool cleaner is compact and ergonomic. It comes with a tangle-free power cord that is 50 feet long. Moving inside the pool is vital when it comes to cleaning the water pools with efficiency.

That is why it comes with an anti-tangle cord and wall climbing functionality. The weight of this robot cleaner is about 30 pounds. So, you can carry it with comfort. Plus, you can open its top when the filter requires cleaning. Its handle has a large grip and an ergonomic design for your convenience.


Automatic Functions

The auto cleaning mode lets you have a clean pool without any effort. All of the cleaning work is done by the robot no matter how long it takes. It is small in size but performs like any other robot cleaner. This robot pool cleaner from Paxcess can perform for up to 3 hours without any hassle.

Also, the powerful suction lets it clean faster than other robots. It has large brush rollers that scrub and clean the floors and the walls. There is an advanced computer program that makes it clean with intelligent features.


Large filter basket

Every Paxcess pool cleaner review commends its large-size filter basket. It is the reason why this robot can perform for up to three hours inside a pool.

It can trap and collect more waste from the water pools because of the large-size basket. You will require to empty the basket less often, and the robot will cover more pool area. When you need to clean the basket, you can take it out with ease. The top opens quickly and without any effort. Also, the two top covers are durable and will not break.


Above ground and in-ground pools

Many robotic pool cleaners can only perform in an in-ground swimming pool. However, the Paxcess pool cleaner can clean both. It is mainly because of its 50 feet long and tangle-free power cable.

Also, the design and the compact size let it clean above-ground pools with comfort. People have concerns when it comes to cleaning the above-ground pools with efficiency.

It is because many robots cannot clean the linings and the walls of the above-ground pools. This robot cleaner can perform better in an above-ground pool of any shape and size.


You can use the Paxcess robotic pool cleaner to clean up to 55 feet long swimming pools. The robot cleaner can hoover up dirt, sand, and debris on the floors and the walls.

It scrubs when it moves around the swimming pool. So, it will clean the tiles better. Four pieces of roller brush use a sponge for the best absorption.

Thus, the robot can safely cling to the walls and scrub for as long as necessary. There is a built-in pump motor to move it around the pool area without any problems.



The Paxcess robotic cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty. All of the plastic parts are durable, and the design is ergonomic. Also, the lightweight robot is easy to manage.

The power cable is waterproof and free from tangle issues. You can clean the filter basket because it is easy to remove and fix into the robot. These are the reason why it is reliable.

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How To Use

The robot uses a power supply to operate inside the water pools. You have to plug it in and connect the power cable of the robot cleaner. Pick the robot using its easy-to-use handle and release it inside the swimming pool.

You can switch it on using the power button on the power supply unit. All of the controls are on this unit. The robot will start cleaning itself and climbing walls using its brush rollers. There is no need for any water pump because it has a built-in pressure pump.


How It Works

The robot uses its water pump motor to move around and rotate inside the swimming pools. There are brush rollers that scrub and wipe the floor and walls.

You can leave it in an above-ground or in-ground pool to perform cleaning work. Its filter basket traps all the debris and dirt from the water pool. Also, it cleans up to 4000 gallons of water inside the swimming pools. The robot uses software to manage all of the cleanings automatically.



  • It has an auto-cleaning mode.
  • 4-piece roller brushes use high absorption to cling to the walls.
  • There is a large-size filter basket that collects debris.
  • Its design is ergonomic, and the size is compact.
  • You can carry it with comfort because of its lightweight.
  • All plastic materials are durable and waterproof.
  • This robot can clean for up to 3 hours.
  • You can use it for above and in-ground pools.
  • There is a built-in water pump.
  • Also, it filters up to 4000 gallons of pool water.
  • The price is budget-friendly.



  • There are no premium features.
  • It cannot connect with a smartphone.
  • You cannot use it without the power cable.
  • Sometimes it can take more time to clean a pool.

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Can I use the Paxcess pool cleaner for an above-ground pool?

Yes, you can use it because it has a 50 feet long tangle-free power cable. The robot uses high absorption to cling to the walls of an above-ground pool. Also, it has a built-in motor pump that allows it to clean any swimming pool up to 50 feet long.

Is there a warranty for this robotic pool cleaner?

It comes with a 2-year warranty. When you buy it and receive the package, always check for any defects or manufacturing faults.

Can the robot cleaner pick up large leaves and waste materials from the swimming pools?

Yes, the Paxcess robot cleaner can collect large leaves because it has a large filter basket. Two filter cartridges trap all debris and waste materials from the water pool.

Will the robot cleaner circulate and clean pool water?

The Paxcess robot cleans up to 4000 gallons of water when it is operating inside the swimming pool. There is a built-in pump motor that lets it hoover and clean water. So, it scrubs, cleans surfaces, and filters the pool water at the same time.

How much power does it consume when operating?

It consumes 28 Volts of power and has a power rating of 150W.

Will it work better in a round-shape pool or a rectangular swimming pool?

The robotic pool cleaner from Paxcess cleans up to 50 feet long pools of all shapes. So, you can use it for any above-ground and in-ground swimming pool with comfort.


Final Thoughts

You can have all the facts about using it when you read a Paxcess pool cleaner review. All of the features and how to use them are in detail.

Also, you can know about the benefits and the disadvantage of using the Paxcess robot cleaner. So, you can buy it with confidence. It is an automatic pool cleaner at a budget-friendly price.

There are no premium features like a WIFI or smartphone connection because it can be costly. You can use it with convenience because of its compact size and ergonomic design.

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