Do You Need Planning Permission For An Indoor Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools generally stand as a focal point for enjoyment, entertainment, and relaxation spots where friends, colleagues, lovers, and families gather around to have a nice barbecue evening and fancy tea meetings.

It has been said that the swimming pool has a special charm of gathering varieties of people together and uniting them for a memorable evening and outing.

Do You Need Planning Permission For An Indoor Swimming Pool

Individuals, couples, and families have sometimes thought it wise over the years to see into the regulations of their state guiding their environment to know if there exists planning permission for the construction of their pool.

Outdoor swimming pools generally do not need to obtain any planning permission as long as the pool does not affect the area, and does not disfigure the structure of the building.

But what about an indoor pool? Does it need planning permission? This guide will explain if you need planning permission for your pool, and why you may need it.


Does Your Indoor Swimming Pool Require Planning Permission?

As long as your indoor swimming pool is located somewhere behind the house, or around the garden area, then you do not need to obtain planning permission before it is constructed.

After you must have strategized fully on the area you will like to use for your pool, then you can boldly go on ahead with other decisions such as materials for construction and designing your indoor swimming pool.



Does an indoor pool house extension need planning permission?

Now, this is not just a simple indoor swimming pool. This kind of pool is done entirely separated from the main building.

This means it is more like a relaxation spot for anyone who may want to get away from the main building. For this kind of pool, although it is indoor, you will need planning permission. So that you can know the size and kind of structure that is required.

All in all, you may need to call the planning office in your area. Although pool planning permission is completely unnecessary for an indoor pool, it is important to confirm first from the planning office should in case there needs to be a structure that has to be followed.


Are there other expectations for an indoor swimming pool?

There may not be planning permission for an indoor swimming pool but there are other expectations that need to be strictly followed for you to get your desired indoor swimming pool. Some of them are;

Building expectation:

To have an indoor pool, your building must be a single storey with no verandas or balconies. Even if it must have a raised platform, then it shouldn’t be higher than 0.3 to 0.4 metres.

Anything more than that isn’t allowed. Then the eaves of the building should be about 2.5 metres with an overall height of 5 metres.

Building dimension:

The building should not be situated on land that forms the principal elevation of a wall. Meanwhile, the building must have at least, a maximum of about 2.5 metres in height. This is largely dependent on the pool.

Location expectation:

If you want to have a separate pool house completely detached from the main building, then it must be 10 square metres away from the main building.

And if this separated pool house is located at the side of the main building, then you may require planning permission.

However, different pool regulations occur from area to area. For instance, if your main house is located in a Natural Park, or some kind of Nature spaced setting, then you will need to find out from the planning office, the required regulation for that locality.

Land expectation:

For your indoor pool, just ensure that the other area of your land about half size is surrounded by other buildings or structures.


Meanwhile, there are other expectations and building regulations that have been designed for indoor pools. For instance, the walls and floor of the indoor pool must be insulated. This is done to minimize heat loss completely to the ground.


How Much Do You Need To Build An Indoor Swimming Pool?

There are other things to think of asides from obtaining planning permission for your indoor pool. You need to think of things like budget. It should be the first thing on your mind.

One of the biggest and wisest things to consider before building an indoor pool should be your budget.

How much does it cost to build an indoor pool? Although it depends on where you reside.

But generally, an indoor pool starts from $165,000 and $200,000.

These figures can be quite intimidating for someone who may be looking to work with a small budget. But you shouldn’t get discouraged because indoor pool varies in price due to their size, structure, and construction materials.

But adding a pool to your property also means an increase in value. When you decide to sell off your property, it will be sold at a huge amount because of the pool attached to it. So your swimming pool accumulates value over time.


What other things do you need to know about an indoor pool?

For your indoor pool, you have made a great decision because, in terms of materials, you will have more materials to choose from.

This is because the pool is now located indoors therefore there would be no freezing while swimming, or heating as a result of direct access to the scorching sun.

So you will have to pick some ventilation, and air conditioning materials for your pool. Also, you will have to pick heating material as well.


Final Thoughts

Building an indoor pool may sound like a difficult task especially if you think that you have to obtain planning permission.

You only need to obtain planning permission or call the planning office if you have a separate pool house or if you are confused about ‘pool planning.’

Ensure you pick the right materials when you are building your indoor pool. Because these right materials such as the ventilation, heating, and air conditioner materials, will help prevent the smell of chlorine from permeating through the walls of your home.

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