Swimming Pool Tiles Have Which Finish?

Summer seasons are incomplete when a relaxation spot around the home is absent. And that is why owning your swimming pool can be considered a luxurious and fun getaway from your stressful life.

Only that, the swimming pool happens to be behind your house.

Swimming Pool Tiles Have Which Finish

And since you own the pool, it can be designed to suit some of your favorite places in the world just to give you the vacation feeling.

Swimming pools aren’t just built and designed without proper patterns. They are aesthetically designed to portray the picture in your mind. and thus, certain things will have to be featured as you build your pool.

Certain things like what kind of pool tiles should I use? And in building a pool, pool tile is pretty important because the beauty of your pool largely depends on the structure, type, size, and color of the pool tile.

And guess what? A beautifully designed pool pulls anyone’s attention.

In this article, certain things that you need to know about swimming pool tiles and their finishing would be explored, and the best type of pool tiles to use will also be revealed.


What Are Some Of The Things To Consider When Choosing A Pool Tile?


The first thing you need to consider is the texture. The texture is quite important for your pool tile because a smooth tile might not be what you want. But a highly textured tile that looks a bit rough on the surface provides a better grip than the smooth tiles. The smooth tiles can be quite slippery. You wouldn’t want that.


Another thing you need to consider is the color of the tiles. Is it beautifully patterned? Remember that the color of your tile can have an effect on the color of the water sometimes. So it is better to choose a tile color that doesn’t hide stains. For example, tile colors like blue, and white do well to reveal stains.


Thirdly, you must consider the size of the tiles. The larger the size, the less expensive it gets. But the smaller the size, the more expensive it gets. But whichever one you prefer, you should totally go for it.


Then finally, you need to consider the price of your pool tile. Pick the pool tile that is within your budget.

Different Types Of Pool Tiles Finish

Pool tiles come in different designs. So you may have many choices to make when it comes to choosing the most befitting pool tile because you will have to pick the perfect tiles for the pool walls and the floor as well.

Pool tiles differ when it comes to the type of material that was used. There is the stone tile, brick, glass, mosaic, and the porcelain type of tiles finish.

Pool tiles generally, are made from porcelain and can last long. If you want your pool to last long, then you should consider using pool tiles.

This is because they have a durability lifespan of 20 years, they are quite easy to clean even though they can be highly expensive to install.

1. Porcelain Tile Finish

Porcelain Tile Finish

This kind of tile finish is made under high pressure. It has the ability to withstand heavy traffic, even though they are made from dust.

This kind of tile is usually appreciated by most swimmers because it is soft to touch, and has a lovely smooth surface.

Surprisingly, they are known to offer an amazing grip to swimmers and give them an enjoyable swimming experience.


2. Mosaic Tile Finish

Mosaic Tile Finish

This kind of tile is made from tiny ceramic pieces they are sometimes called ceramic. So the pieces are gathered to form a beautiful pattern either on the floor or the waterline area or even on the pool wall.

This kind of tile finish has been uniquely designed intricately to suit any pool. With the way they have been designed, it will be quite easy for this tile to successfully eliminate algae, chemicals, and even mold build-up.

Thus it requires regular cleaning.


3. Glass Tile Finish

Glass Tile Finish

The glass tile finish is known for its glossy shine. They are built with waterproof materials, and with other materials that strengthen the lifespan of the tile by ensuring that it doesn’t fade.

They are easy to clean and maintain. These kinds of glass tiles are usually used to create a ‘deep’ effect in the pool to make the pool look deeper than its size.

The glass tile finish is strong enough to withstand heavy pressure from swimmers as well.


4. Brick Tile Finish

Brick Tile Finish

This brick pool tile finish is known for its durability, and its ability to absorb heat. They have this elegant and exquisite look as well.

However, as beautiful as this brick tile finish, it isn’t waterproof! However, it can be sealed for use in pools otherwise it can be damaged from water penetration.

And the material used in sealing it called a sealant, will have to be reapplied every 2 to 4 years or more, to preserve the durable look of the tile. This brick tile finish is available in different colors as well.


5. Stone Tile Finish

Stone Tile Finish

This kind of tile finish is used to create a natural setting in the pool and make the pool look synonymous with the waterfalls etc. one of the key features of the stone tile finish is that it absorbs heat just like the brick tile finish.

What Type Of Tile Finish Is The Best For A Swimming Pool?

The mosaic tiles.

You should get the blue mosaic tiles. They are the best pick to be used in any swimming pool because they are beautiful, flexible, and have the most appealing color combinations that represent aqua life. You can pick mosaic tiles with a glossy finish. This will blend well with especially if your pool is located indoors.


Final Thoughts

Finally, there may be several pool tile finishes but all that matters at the end of the day is your preference. Ensure that you pick any well-patterned tile that suits your pool.

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