What Plants Are Good Around A Swimming Pool?

Naturally, plants give a certain ambiance to a location whether it is a pool or just a garden.

Asides from the beautification that a plant adds to the pool, growing plants around the pool helps to collect nutrients on behalf of the plant instead of feeding the algae and encouraging them to grow.

In this article, we will unravel the kind of plants that is suitable for outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

What Plants Are Good Around A Swimming Pool

What Plants Are Good Around A Swimming Pool?

Whether indoor or outdoor swimming pools certain plants are suitable for planting around the pool area. First off, you need to avoid deciduous plants and plants with spines and cones.

And then you need plants with large leaf litter because the pesky ones can get a little troubling by causing a lot of debris in the pool.

Also, before you plant by the poolside, ensure that the plants are grown about 6 to 8 feet away from the pool. To avoid littering the pool with debris.

Tip: Meanwhile, if you want to choose a good pool plant, you must choose strong plants that can withstand the outdoor weather and chlorine water splash from the pool.


6 Most Beautiful Plants To Grow Around Your Swimming Pool

  1. Banana tree
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Bird Of Paradise
  4. Zebra grass
  5. Egyptian Papyrus
  6. Angel Trumpet

1. Banana Tree

banana tree

It may not look like your typical homely plant but it is suitable and a perfect plant for your outdoor swimming pool. This is because Banana trees create a kind of happy mood that you may need to complement your pool relaxation.

Another additional feature of the Banana plant is that they are one of the fast-growing perennial trees with large leaves that are long and broad at the same time. which makes it capable of producing shade.

However, Banana plants or trees are not entirely strong if they are not fenced by a wall or by other stronger plants/trees. They can get easily ripped by the wind! The Banana tree can withstand full sun exposure, which makes it the right pick for any outdoor pool.

So if you want a full forest-kind of experience, then you should plant a Banana tree.


2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flower

The Hibiscus plant creates a lovely feel around your pool. Although they come in many species. You can decide on the one you want by making the right pick. Naturally, the Hibiscus plant needs plenty of water to survive. Therefore, planting it by the pool will be refreshing for the plant.

However, if you stay in an environment with cold climates, then you may need to plant your hibiscus in a container. this will help to shield its root and at the same time, keep it shielded from extreme cold.

It doesn’t create a leafy mess and once they are created, the environment will be easy to tidy.


3. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

If you do not want the banana tree, then you will definitely want the bird of paradise plant. It is almost similar to the banana tree due to its long leaves which are about 2 feet long.

As strong, and beautiful as they look, they can get torn and ripped apart by a heavy wind if they are not well protected by a fence or some other stronger plant. Also, the Bird of paradise can be grown inside.

That is if you have an indoor pool, then it is much better to grow around your indoor pool because it cannot withstand harsh weather. Another glamorous thing about this plant is that it doesn’t shed easily.

That means, there will be no debris in your pool for as long as you have it grown around the pool area. It is also strong enough to tolerate any kind of splashing particularly, chlorine splashing from the pool.


4. Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass

You may not like the physical features of this plant well enough to be grown around your pool because of its grassy nature and horizontal stripes style.

It comes in different colors like orange, blue, and even white. They are great for poolscape and they blend nicely with other plants along the pool area.

If you have an outdoor pool, you can consider growing this plant because it has the capacity to withstand full exposure to the sun without getting withered.

It also has the tenacity to withstand strong windy weather. However, be sure of seeing debris if planted too close to your pool.


5. Egyptian Papyrus

Egyptian Papyrus

Egyptian papyrus plants are exotic plants that perform excellently well under the full exposure of sunlight. However, the Egyptian papyrus grass likes water. it thrives in rich wet soil.

Therefore, if you must plant it around your pool, then you must be ready to tend to its needs by keeping it moist every time. But you can’t plant it alone. You have to grow it with other tall plants because it is not too strong.

Meanwhile, if you have this kind of plant, grown around your pool, then be sure to have an exotic, lush atmosphere.


6. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

This plant will completely furnish you with a heavenly sight. It has a glamorous fragrance that also keeps the pool area refreshed and stunning.

But this plant can’t be exposed to the full sun because it cannot withstand the full exposure of the sun. rather, it requires a shady area sometimes.

So if you have an indoor pool, then this may be one of the coolest plants to grow around your indoor pool area because of its variety of colors. Please note; that this plant can be quite toxic and can cause poisoning just by touching the plant.

So if you want to trim this plant or care for it, then it is best to wear gloves. Meanwhile, if you have little kids, it is advisable to keep them away from the plant or do not grow the plant around your pool.


Final Thoughts

Finally, you should consider growing trees like palms and shrubs that don’t shed easily and can also withstand external pressure such as windy weather and full sun exposure.

There is a kind of beauty and ambiance that trees and shrubs around your pool. It projects peaceful relaxation.

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