What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools especially during summer can be refreshing to cool in and to relax after such a long, sunny day. But then, they can turn into a money hole especially when you have to do all you can to maintain it.

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

When your pool gets leaky, or too old, you may spend quite a lot to get it refurbished. But if you are less interested in having a pool, then you can always turn it into something exciting.

You can turn your old inground pool into an entertainment patio, eco-garden, pond, and you can decide to seal it up if you are undecided on what to do with such space. For some families with an old inground swimming pool, they prefer to close up the space for the sake of kids running around.

As much as your old in-ground swimming pool can be a beauty when transformed, it can also serve a negative purpose when it is not transformed or renovated into something useful.

Therefore, this article is going to explore the different creative ideas of what you can turn your old in-ground pool into and if it is something that can last for a while.


What Do You Turn An Old in-ground Swimming Pool Into?

1. Fish pond

A fish pond may sound like a berserk idea but then, when you think of keeping your favorite fish in an artificial pond instead of keeping them in an aquarium may sound very lovely.

So imagine transforming your entire in-ground swimming pool into a Koi pond will make a lot of sense especially if you are a lover of the pond.

After such a long stressful day, you can sit in a chair, and watch your fish waddle in their pond.


2. Deck

A deck is a lovely idea but again, it all depends on your budget. You can have your in-ground swimming pool painted, and designed with nice wooden flooring if you wish, then have a couple of chairs and a table set in it.

You could then, have it covered to look like some kind of outdoor underground sitting room.

For those who love to see their spaces enlarged, then this is a fancy idea and a great place to entertain friends and coordinate your thoughts.


3. An Eco-Garden

This idea will be greatly appreciated by those who have small space but have been longing to have a garden farm.

Well, this is a great way to begin! Sand fill your inground pool, and then you can begin to make some flower beds. Before you know it, you will have your space filled with beautiful flowers.

Watering the flowers will be pretty easy because water can easily get in due to the way it was formally constructed.

Since there is a staircase that carries you to the bottom, you can decide to sand fill the pool until it gets to the staircase area. So that the pool will not be too deep for you to reach your flowers at any time.


4. An Artificial Lake

Sounds like an impossible thing to do at first. But it is completely easy to set up.

Ever imagined scenery with never flowing water, pebbles of stones at the sides, flanked on both sides with small trees or flowers, then with two wooden seats to relax and gaze into the skies.

Your old in-ground swimming pool can do the trick perfectly if it is handled by a professional. So do not give up on that old pool yet, your dream of having a nice quiet lake can still come true.


5. Storage

An old in-ground pool can be used as storage for all your unused items. You may just need to sand fill the pool up to half, then have a roof built on it to shield your items from whatever weather.

If your in-ground swimming pool is an indoor one, then you can always ignore the roofing option and simply arrange the pool area like an actual room would be.

Then, you can store old stuff. For instance, your old sofa can go in if you don’t want to auction it off. your old pans and kitchen utensils, and other unused items.


6. Library/Office

A perfect idea for a geek and anyone who works remotely. If you wish to still have an office that exists within your building, then this is an excellent idea!

Get a designer and get to work by effectively sand filling some spots, replacing the flooring tiles, importing some nice pieces of furniture, some bookshelves for your books, and even an air conditioner.

Make it look like an underground office or library kinda. And you will most definitely, not be disturbed when you carve out this place for yourself.


7. Entertainment:

If you fancy nice evenings where you and your family can get all cozy watching some home theatre, then you can totally get this kind of setting.

If your old in-ground swimming pool is indoors, then you can bring this idea to life. It will be like an in-ground home theatre whilst under the moon.

If your in-ground pool is located outdoors, then you can try to build a roofing system to shield the gadgets and nicely made furniture.

This idea of an in-ground home theatre is perfect for lovers who want a weekend getaway, and at the same time want to be within their home environment.


8. Covered

Finally, you can keep your old in-ground pool nicely covered. If the idea of planting your garden, having a home theatre, having an in-ground office, etc, tires you, then you can always keep that part of the house nicely covered.

Get a flooring agent to do a nice flooring over the area.

He may decide to use concrete or whatever flooring material. Just keep it nicely covered to prevent any future home accidents.

Final Thoughts

If you just constructed an in-ground swimming pool, there is every tendency that if it is well maintained, should last up to a lifetime.

However, leaking in the pool can occur which means it needs to be repaired. And even though your inground pool is well maintained, it still needs to be resurfaced every 10-15 years.

And that may be quite expensive. Families with old pools have always considered the above options.

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