Where Do I Put Chlorine Tablets In My Pool?

Pool owners generally worry about the state of their pool. From getting rid of debris and germs to buying an algaecide to get rid of algae, or buying a pH increaser and decreaser to adjust the pH level of the pool.


Where Do I Put Chlorine Tablets In My Pool

To top this, the pool owner gets, confused on how, and where to add a pool sanitizer in the pool. Pool sanitizers like chlorine tablets.

This article will capture where chlorine tablets should be put into the pool.


Can You Put Chlorine Tablets Directly In The Pool?

Truth is, you can’t add chlorine tablets into your pool directly. This is because, it will cause a lot of problems for the swimmers such as having an effect after swimming like itchy skin, stinging eyes, etc.

Chlorine concentration can also damage your pool. Because there is every tendency that the chlorine tablet may not spread if you decide to put the chlorine tablet into the pool directly.


Why Use Chlorine Tablets?

Chlorine generally sanitizes the water and helps to fight bacteria, and other fungi. Now chlorine comes in different kinds. Chlorine can be in tablet form, granules (powdered).

But most times, it is advisable to use the chlorine tablet since you are not using the services of a pool expert. Chlorine tablets are easier to use and easier to dissolve into the pool, unlike chlorine granules that remain at a spot when it is sprinkled.

Also, chlorine tablets easily dispense chlorine steadily into the pool, unlike the chlorine granules.


Where Do You Put Chlorine Tablets In A Pool?

Chlorine tablet is easy to put into a pool. There are basically 3 ways you can add chlorine tablets into your pool.

1. Through Skimmer:

swimming pool skimmer

The skimmer is a better option and possibly the best option when it comes to adding chlorine tablets in a pool. You can add the tablet to the skimmer basket, and turn on the filtration system in the pool.

While the filter system is on, and the water keeps running in the pool, the chlorine tablets will be dissolved, and the skimmer will keep releasing chlorine into the pool water while the filter keeps distributing the chlorinated water in the pool.

But the problem with this method is that the chlorine tablet still keeps dissolving even when the filter system is not turned on. Now, this can result in having a highly corrosive and chlorinated pool which can be harmful to swimmers.


2. Through Automatic Pool Chlorinator:

This is by far, one of the best options when it comes to dispersing chlorine tablets in your pool. The automatic pool chlorinator simply needs you to load the chlorine tablet into the chlorinator and set it at an average chlorine level like 1-2ppm.

With this method, you are automatically in control of the chlorine level of your pool, and the number of chlorine tablets to be dissolved.


3. Through Chlorine Floating Dispensers:

chlorine floating dispensers

This method is particularly inexpensive maybe it is because of the fact that they come in different sizes and shapes. All you need to do is, load the required number of tablets into the floater.

Then allow it to get the work done. However, the effect of this floater is that it may decide to pause right in the middle of the pool, thereby dispersing excess chlorine to just one part of the pool.

This will eventually lead to a highly chlorinated pool unfit for swimmers.


Is It Better To Put Chlorine Tablets In A Skimmer or Floater?

A skimmer will always be better than a floater. Truth is, you will get frustrated using the floater. It is best to stick to what you know best and that is the skimmer.

However, if the automatic chlorinator is present, you can skip the skimmer and floater option. You will get a better-chlorinated pool when you use the automatic chlorinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose Chlorine Tablets?

Chlorine tablets come in two sizes. It comes in 1 inch, and 3 inches in size. But it is preferable to use the 3 inches size because it is easier to handle, and it will save you money especially if you have a large pool.

If you don’t know the number of chlorine tablets to put in your pool, you can use the pool calculator. However, 16,000 – 20,000 gallon-sized pools can use about 4 chlorine tablets.

How Long Does It Take For Chlorine Tablets To Dissolve In A Pool?

For both the 1 inch and 3 inches chlorine tablets, it may take up to 3 to 7 days to get dissolved. But the good news is, you can swim in the pool while the chlorine tablet is still dissolving.

How Much Do Chlorine Tablets Cost?

Chlorine tablets are pretty much expensive. However, you can decide to store them away even after use. You can get chlorine tablets for about; $44.00 to about $77.00.

Is Chlorine Tablet Safe For The Pool?

Chlorine tablet is totally safe for the pool. Chlorine generally, asides from the role it plays by cleaning the water and sanitizing it, also helps to make the water soothing to the skin, and gives you a relaxation treat! The tablets, on the other hand, although, small, and easy to handle. So yes.

Chlorine tablet is completely safe for the pool. Therefore, the chlorine tablet can be released through the appropriate places before it is then released into the pool.

Final Thoughts

Finally, chlorine tablets can’t be added directly into the pool. If it does then rest assured that the level of chlorine would increase, and it will cause some corrosion to occur, and it will also cause problems for the swimmers.

But the lesson is that, do not add chlorine tablets directly into your pool.

They should be added through the skimmer, the floater, and the pool chlorinator. The pool chlorinator is by far one of the most perfect tools you can use to distribute chlorine evenly in the pool. Chlorine tablet is easy to use and easily does their job without disturbance.

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