Why Are Swimming Pools Enclosed In Florida?

Swimming pool enclosers are a lot more common with families for the sake of safety from unwanted pests like bugs, alligators, rats, even snakes, and other flying insects.

Most families tend to install the swimming pool enclose option especially when they are building a backyard pool. But Florida is known as a sunshine state and a hurricane-prone state.

Why Are Swimming Pools Enclosed In Florida

So it will be safer for swimming pools to have enclosers for the primary purpose of shielding their users from the sunny rays, and windy weather.

This article will explore the reasons why pools are enclosed in Florida, the cons of having an enclosed pool in Florida, and how you can keep an enclosed swimming pool clean.


Why Are Pools Enclosed in Florida?

There are several reasons why the swimming pools you have seen around are enclosed. Here are some of the reasons.

  • For Security from external intruders: External intruders such as bugs, flying insects, rats, snakes, and even alligators if you live in a swampy area.
  • Swimming pools are enclosed in Florida for easier pool maintenance: When families in Florida enclose their pools from harsh, windy weather, and natural crawlers, spotting dirt and algae inside the pool will be difficult.
  • For the Aesthetic beauty: most families with swimming pool enclosers in Florida enclosed their pool because of the beauty of the scenery. Imagine a swimming pool with a transparent pool encloser, surrounded with grassy, or well lawn landscape, or surrounded by trees and flowers will transform the swimming pool scenery into a natural habitat where you can gaze at the skies, and flowers, without any windy intrusion.
  • For easy maintenance: Families with an enclosed swimming pool spend less for pool maintenance. This is because the pool is safely in an enclosed space. Therefore, flying debris and other forms of dirt can’t find their way into the pool space.

Why Is Pool Enclosers Necessary in Florida?

Pool enclosers are necessary due to the following reasons

1. For security:

Security from intrusive insects and animals such as bugs, flying insects, rats, snakes, and even alligators if you live in a swampy area. You see, these are natural pests that cannot be controlled if you decide to leave your swimming pool enclosed.

Florida is home to about 40% of snake species although some of them aren’t venomous. But you can’t take chances. Installing a pool encloser will help increase safety against snakes.

The sunny and windy weather is another reason why pools are enclosed in Florida.

The state is quite sunny, and thus, gets extremely hot during the sunny days. Same as wind. When it becomes too windy, debris and other dirt can be blown into your pool when it is not enclosed.

So the best feature to keep these external intruders off pools in Florida is by installing pool enclosers.


2. Pool enclosers are necessary for Florida to help discourage Algae growth:

Algae naturally look fancy and beautiful when they grow in their natural habitat. But they look irritating when they begin to grow in the pool.

Algae can grow in your pool only when your pool is exposed to sunlight, nitrogen, carbon, and other elements. But an enclosed pool lacks this.

When your swimming pool is enclosed, algae cannot grow because the pool is shielded from sunlight.


3. For easy maintenance:

You won’t have to bother about wasting many pool cleaners to clean your pool. Neither would you waste money on water evaporators because your pool is now enclosed.

You tend to spend more on swimming pool maintenance when the pool is not enclosed.


4. Increased Swimming time and relaxation:

Especially during the nighttime, or winter period. You will increasingly feel relaxed swimming in a heated pool during the winter period, whilst watching the snowflakes fall softly on your pool encloser.

With a swimming pool enclosed, you get to swim at any time even at midnight! And there would be no intrusion or fear of being attacked while swimming.


5. Less chemical exposure:

You know, pools sometimes need chemical evaporation but immersing yourself in a pool with this feature regularly isn’t a good idea.

As long as your swimming pool is enclosed, you won’t have to use too many pool chemicals. And you will be more confident to swim in a clean, and natural pool water.


What is the Best Pool Encloser in Florida?

The best pool encloser option to consider while installing a pool encloser in Florida is the white aluminum, and window encloser option.

This option is built with durable and high-quality aluminum framing such that it doesn’t get rusty or dirty. It is also fancy, and quite appealing. It is strong enough to withhold the strong wind and harsh UV rays from the sun.

This particular pool encloser will also add to the beauty of the home especially since it is transparent, and has a natural backdrop.

Relaxation time with this pool encloser will be increased because the encloser has a way of giving you a natural experience because you get to see what is happening on the outside.

This pool encloser is widely used in Florida due to its tenacity as well.


How Much Does a Pool Encloser Cost in Florida?

A pool encloser in Florida can be on the high side, and it can also be affordable. It all depends on the quality of the pool encloser you are searching for.

Other things that can affect the price of a pool encloser are the size of your deck, the construction process, and the type of material used.

If you are interested in a pool encloser, then you should be ready to spend between $3000 to $12000. All these are largely dependent on the quality, type of material, and the construction or installation process.

For instance, if you have a pool deck with a size of 20 by 40, then you should be ready to spend up to $8000 to $10,000.

In the central Florida area, pool encloser installation can be around, $6000 to $12,000 all these are largely dependent on the size.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pool enclosers in Florida are usually installed for security and undisturbed relaxation time. And sometimes, the only way that some individuals relax, is usually by the poolside.

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