Why Are Swimming Pools Painted Blue?

Several questions concerning why pools are painted blue have been the question on everyone’s lips. Pool proprietors have searched for a way to respond to the question, even pool owners and spectators aren’t left out.

There is a high probability that if an average person sees a green or red pool other than blue, they believe that such pool is dirty hence the color change.

Why Are Swimming Pools Painted Blue

But have you ever thought about the making of the pool? Why the tiles in the pool is blue, while the plaster is white? And then why the water turns blue? Why haven’t you queried a pool with white tiles which produces white water instead of blue?

The first question you may need to ask yourself is, are pools actually painted blue or do the waters simply turn blue overnight?

In this article, you will see why swimming pools are painted blue, and why every pool should be painted blue. You will also learn if other colors asides from blue exist for pools. And finally, you will get to know if the waters in the colored pools are dangerous or not.


Why Are Swimming Pools Painted Blue?

Some swimming pools are not painted blue. Sometimes they appear to be blue due to the pool tiles which have been selectively picked as matching blue color with the wall tiles.

You will also observe that the plaster used is white in color. Pool proprietors once gave some reasons as to why swimming pools are painted blue.

It has been believed that the reflection of the sky has a direct impact on pool waters. So the pool is painted or made blue to imitate the color of the sky.


Expert View

Pool proprietors and some pool owners also mentioned that the reason why their swimming pool is painted blue is that the sea has a deep blue color which also reflects a synonymous hint to nature.

Therefore, having a bluish pool offers a natural kind of ambiance. Such that you don’t need to go to the beach to have a swim and have a feel of nature.

Some also believe that the pools are painted blue due to the dyed colors from the chemicals used in treating the water. hence, they consider the water fit to swim in.

Some also attribute their pools being painted blue to imitate an artificial aquarium. Since fishes and other sea animals live beneath deep blue waters, then the pool is supposed to be painted blue.

Another reason why the pool is painted blue is that it is believed that the blue pool signifies calm and peaceful solitude. Pool owners believe that pools painted in blue have a tranquil ambiance which gives you some moment of relaxation.

Another prominent reason why pools are painted blue is major because blue pools appear to host clean water. it is often believed that pools painted in other colors asides from blue are waters that cannot be trusted.

For instance, a pool painted green or tiled with green tiles are usually avoided because people often believe that such a pool has algae growing in them hence the green color.


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Are The Pools Painted In Other Colors Aside From Blue Dangerous?

No. In fact, your pool may be painted blue but at night appear red due to the red bulb light that has been placed at the side of the pool.

So not all the non-blue pools are dangerous.

In fact, there may be some blue-colored pools that are dirty because when you look into the pool, you will observe that the water has turned unclear, and murky.


Why Does The Water In a Pool Look Blue Even Though It Isn’t Painted Blue?

An article written by a pool proprietor showed that the water in a pool will always look blue even if it is not painted blue because the water molecules absorb red light.

And when this color of light is absorbed, they reflect blue light. So the deeper the water, the bluer it appears and the same thing happens under artificial lightning.

In essence, the larger and deeper the body of water, the bluer it turns.


What Chemicals Are Added To Pools To Make Them Blue?

Over time, people have attributed the blueness in their pool to the chemicals in the water. But this is not so. Truth is, no chemical can turn the water into the blue.

The reason why your pool water is blue has been stated above. Chlorine and other chemicals used in your pool water were added to dilute the water and make it cleaner and healthier for swimming.


Are Indoor Pools Painted Blue?

Are Indoor Pools Painted Blue

Indoor pools can be painted in any color you wish. It all depends on the pool owner. If you want a white tiling/painting, or a green or redone, then you can go for it.

All that matters is that you are comfortable in your pool. You may not like a red pool because you might misinterpret it to mean that the water is bloody because of its ‘red’ color.

However, the blue-painted pool is highly recommended. So you can do well to paint your pool blue because it is a neutral color that affords you the opportunity to see into the crystal clear water.


Are Outdoor Pools Painted Blue?

Are outdoor Pools Painted Blue

Most outdoor pools have blue finishing or white finishing. It all depends on what you want. But it is advisable to pick the blue or white finishing because they both interpret nature to the swimmer who has decided to swim in the water.


How Do You know That Your Blue-Painted Pool is Dirty?

How Do You know That Your Pool is Dirty

Just like any other pool color, you will notice dirt, debris on the surface of the water. and you will also notice that the water isn’t clear.

You cannot look into the water to see the bottom tiles staring back at you.

Meaning, the water would change color from blue to murky brown. When it is at this stage, it means that the pool is dirty.

But ensure you clean your pool thoroughly so that it doesn’t get to this stage.


Final Thoughts

Finally, pools are painted blue for only several reasons. For peaceful ambiance, nature feeling, etc. No chemical is added to the pool to make it blue.

And the water in a pool turns blue even if it is not in a blue-painted pool because water molecules absorb red light.

And when this color of light is absorbed, they reflect blue light which in turn impacts the water. Therefore, the deeper the water, the bluer it becomes.

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