Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner Review 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

The Zodiac MX6 is a strong suction side pool cleaner. It is compact and can climb the walls of an in-ground pool. There are 25 gallons per minute of water suction with a single directional gear.

Also, it uses a cyclonic suction system with an articulating blade to climb the walls with comfort. Assembly takes a few minutes because of the quick connecting hoses. However, the length of the hose pipe is only 30 feet.

You can pull it out using the handle. Carrying it around is easy because of the 5lbs weight. More features will guide you in considering it.

Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner Review

Why should you use a suction-side pool cleaner?

Most of the automatic robotic and other pool cleaners can perform inside a pool. However, they can leave some debris and waste. Thus, people have concerns about using them for cleaning the stairs, corners, algae, and mold from the pools. So, a suction side cleaner can wipe better and devour all dirt, debris, and waste from all corners. It is because these use water pumps to move around the surface and walls. Also, there is no need for connecting or using a power supply. These come with up to a 2-year warranty and are reliable. Many can clean in-ground and above-ground pools.

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Zodiac MX6 Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Main features

Its features can help you find the benefits of using it to clean water pools. You can use it for all cleaning purposes, and it is best for an in-ground pool.

The Zodiac MX6 uses a suction side system which means you have to connect it with a pump. A high-speed or variable speed pump can help you use it with convenience. Also, it can wipe and scrub any surface.

Therefore, you can clean concrete, tiles, vinyl, or fiberglass. Thus, it can clean above-ground pools, but it is better to use it for in-ground ones.



The Zodiac MX6 uses a bi-directional navigation system to move around and clean the swimming pools. Plus, there is X-Drive technology for cleaning the surfaces and walls of an in-ground pool.

People have concerns about an automatic pool cleaner slipping off the walls. However, the MX6 safely cleans and will not slip or fall when cleaning the walls.

All of the parts are reliable, and the single gear system makes it move better. The maneuverability inside the pool and its agility increase because of its lightweight. A better navigation system and movement design make it one of the best pool cleaners.


Cyclonic Suction

When you want the best results for a pool’s cleansing, the cyclonic vacuuming power can help. That is why the MX6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner deploys a cyclonic suction system.

It increases the suction power to remove fine dust, dirt, waste deposits, leaves, and other rubbish from the swimming pools. Also, there is a cyclonic leaf catcher that will suck in all the leaves and pollens.

So, it can pick up large debris without causing any problems. There is no way the large-size leave will get stuck inside the plastic hose pipe.


Connecting Hoses

People find it difficult and time-consuming to assemble and connect the hoses for a pool cleaner. The Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner review informs that it is easy to use with the hoses.

You can set it up quickly and with comfort. Plus, the design of the hose lets them swivel for easy movement inside the swimming pools. So, there is no wear and tear for the hoses, and it performs with better durability.

Sometimes the hoses can break because of a high-pressure pump and movement issues. Therefore, the rotating and contracting hose pipe stays safe from damage.


Energy saving

There are no power cords or need for a power supply. It is because the MX6 pool cleaner requires only a pump to move it automatically. The MX6 suction side pool cleaner uses a flow regulating valve.

Therefore, it will not waste energy and clean efficiently. Also, you can operate this in-ground pool cleaner using a variable pump. You can also connect it with a low-speed pump that has a suction of 25 gallons per minute.

Thus, it is best for small in-ground swimming pools. The package contains the universal hose connectors for using it with all types.



The MX6 performs better than the MX8 model of the same series. It is compact and cleans aggressively. There are universally connecting hoses that can connect with all types of pumps.

Also, it has a filter that will not let the large-size debris and leaves pass through the hose pipe. So, there are no blockages, and it performs without any interruptions.

The cyclonic suction power lets it clean efficiently and quickly. Navigating all around the pool area is easy because of the X-Drive and bi-directional routing. However, some people have complaints about the hoses getting damaged.


How To Use Zodiac MX6 Pool Vacuum

To operate the Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner, you will have to use a pump. The package of MX6 cleaner contains universal connecting hoses that you can use.

You can connect it with a low-speed, high-speed, or variable speed pump. Use moderate to low-speed settings to keep the suction-side pool cleaners safe from damage. When people use more than 2000rpm speed, it causes pressure on the hoses.

Therefore, the hoses can break. Replacing them can be costly. It will clean and move around the pool automatically. Sometimes, it can get stuck at the corners because of a single-gear system.


How It Works

The suction-side pool cleaners use the water pressure of a water pump to clean the water pools. It also operates utilizing the same system.

So, when you connect it with a pump, it starts to function. There is a cyclonic suction power that cleans and vacuums the floor and walls of a pool. The MX6 deploys X-Drive navigation to navigate inside the pool area.

Therefore, it wipes the walls and will not fall or slip. This suction-side inground pool cleaner wipes all types of surface materials.


Can You Use The Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner For Above-ground Swimming Pools?

The MX6 pool cleaner works efficiently inside the in-ground and above-ground pools. It uses a cyclonic suction system and a bi-directional navigation system for movement. You can connect the hose with comfort, and the swivel feature lets them rotate without any hassle. The length of the hose pipe is 30 feet. So, you can use it better when cleaning small size pools.



  • The size of this suction side pool cleaner is compact.
  • It is lightweight and uses an ergonomic design.
  • There are durable and universally connecting hoses.
  • The MX6 pool cleaner will not get stuck at the corners and stairs.
  • You can connect it to a low-speed and variable pump.
  • There is a handle for carrying the MX6 cleaner.
  • You do not require a power supply.
  • All of the materials are durable.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.



  • It cannot go in a reverse direction.
  • You cannot use the low-speed setting for a variable pump.
  • After many uses, its gear wears out.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time at the corners.

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Will it work best for the in-ground pool?

Yes, it uses a cyclonic suction power to clean and perform inside an in-ground pool. Make sure to clean the filter before each use. When there is dirt inside the filter, it will underperform.

Are there hoses inside the package?

The MX6 comes with all the necessary parts and hoses. The length of the connecting hoses is up to 30 feet.

Will it clean the walls of an above-ground pool?

The MX6 suction side pool cleaner is best for cleaning in-ground swimming pools. However, it can work inside the above-ground pool. It will not climb the walls of an above-ground pool.

Can it get stuck in the deep area of the swimming pool?

No, it will not get stuck. Also, it will clean the deep areas of an in-ground pool with efficiency.

What is the best size of the swimming pool for it to work?

It comes with hose connectors up to 30 feet long. So, you can use it for in-ground and above-ground pools up to 30 feet in length.

Can it pick fine dust and sand from the water pools?

Yes, the MX6 pool cleaner picks all debris, waste, sand, tiny particles, and leaves from the swimming pools.


Final Thoughts

The Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner efficiently performs and uses a cyclonic suction to clean in-ground pools. It is compact and lightweight. There is a handle for moving it around with comfort.

You can use it for up to 30 feet long in-ground or above-ground pools. This suction-side pool cleaner can work on concrete, tiles, and vinyl pools without any problems.

Picking fine dust particles, sand, dirt, leaves, and other debris is easy for this pool cleaner. So, you can buy it with confidence and connect its universal connecting hoses. There is also a 2-year warranty.

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